Seasonal Scare-Flicks and Hallowe’en Haiku

25 Oct

As a pre-Hallowe’en treat, the Seasonal Scare-Flicks issue of View From Atlantis is now online. The Monster Mash issue will be online at the weekend…

Also online is the first of a week of Hallowe’en-themed haiku on the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, two haiku from the keyboard of Mark Hudson. Further pieces will go online each evening up until Hallowe’en, which will have two posts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A final piece will appear early in the morning of November 1st, so don’t miss out on the gruesome fun!

And, remember, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal is always open to submissions, whilst the next three themes for View From Atlantis are listed to inspire your imagination…

Mind’s Eye Publications™ Launches Patreon!

18 Oct

Poet of the speculative and strange, Frank Coffman, has launched a patreon for his new publishing venture.

From the patreon page:

Mind’s Eye Publications™ is a purveyor and publisher of Imaginative Speculative literature and art across the genres of Adventure, Detection & Mystery, Fantasy, Horror & the Supernatural, and Science Fiction. Aside from the publication of full length books and chapbooks, Mind’s Eye publishes the semi-annual JOURN-E: The Journal of Imaginative Literature on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes (beginning in 2022).

A first Call for Submissions for the March 2022 inaugural issue has been made. SEE OR for detailed information. Contact the Editor/Publisher, Frank Coffman at:

The editor has also mentioned that he is particularly seeking submissions of non-fiction in all the genre categories JOURN-E covers.

Have an Enchanted Conversation

13 Oct

I’m going to indulge in a little self-promotion, although as the site is open to submissions, there’s nothing stopping you from sending a story or poem their way…

I have been lucky enough to have two fairy tale poems on the wonderful Enchanted Conversation website this year. The first, a tale of a deal with a Goblin midwife, Dark Heartwood, can be found here. The second, a twist on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, Tricked, can be found here. I hope you enjoy them!

Hallowe’en approaches…

9 Oct

…and the new Hallowe’en horror chapbook from Atlantean Publishing is available to order now!

Caverns Dark features poetry from Harris Coverley, Pete Cardinal Cox, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Gary W. Davis, Mark Hudson, Christopher Catt James, Donna McCabe, and DJ Tyrer.

It is £1.50 (£3 outside UK) and the 3-for-2 offer applies as usual.

Art and Opinion

22 Sep

A new issue of The Supplement is now available for you to download, containing reviews of exhibitions, the usual adverts, news and letters of opinion, plus thoughts on poetry and censorship. Plus, there are plenty of back issues for you to download, all free, as well…

Spectral Poetry

12 Sep

Yes, there is a new and spooky issue of View From Atlantis online now!

Issue 32 – Spectral – contains poetry from Cardinal Cox, Harris Coverley, David Edwards, DJ Tyrer, and K. A. Williams, plus short fiction from Aeronwy Dafies and K. A. Williams.

There are also 31 other issues on there, all free for you to browse.

Check the guidelines page for the latest open call – Phantastes is about to open to submissions and there will be a Halloween call (Monster Mash) in early October, with more to follow.

Send us your submissions!

6 Sep
Atlantean Publishing has reopened to submissions (and should remain so until the end of November). See the guidelines here.
Please note: There is still a backlog of submissions. I am working through them in a mixture of oldest-to-newest and by which magazine requires content, so some new submissions will be responded to very quickly and others may take a while, whilst older submissions may be responded to at any point. Apologies to anyone whose work has been languishing in limbo for a long time (and, remember, you can submit them elsewhere – I will not publish anything if I don’t have confirmation it is still available, and you always have the right of withdrawal).
Remember: View From Atlantis will be open to submissions during specified open periods and the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal is open all year round. See their sites for details.

Hallowe’en Horror and Xmas Bards Closing Soon

But, although we may have just reopened, the deadline for submissions to the Hallowe’en Horror poetry booklet and for anyone who would like to do an Xmas Bard isn’t far off – these close at the end of September.
The annual Hallowe’en Horror booklet is open to any sort of horror-related poetry (including humour) in any style or length. The poem doesn’t have to mention Hallowe’en.
Xmas Bards is an annual broadside in the style of Bard magazine in which a solo poet presents poetry with a festive theme (although some must reference Christmas, a mixture of Christmas and more general winter-themed poetry or Christmas and other winter festivals is fine). Long lines should be avoided to fit the format. You may submit lots of shorter poems, a single long poem, a long poem for the three inne columns plus a separate poem for the other column, or four longer poems (one per column). No need to query, just send your poem(s) to the usual email.
If anyone is interested in doing a broadside for another winter festival, feel free to get in touch.

What We Particularly Need

Short poems suitable for Bard, articles, reviews and letters of comment for The Supplement, and long poems and stories of around 2000-3000 words for Monomyth are what are currently most sought for this year’s issues.
A new Dark Tower booklet is planned soon, so please submit to that if you are interested (if you miss this one, there will be another). For the uninitiated, that’s poetry and short (2000 words or less) prose themed around the image of a dark tower. Any genre, any style, any interpretation.

Open But Not Desperate

Whilst they will be accepted, we have had a glut of longer (5000+ words) stories for Monomyth, so those will have a low chance of acceptance until the backlog is cleared.
Submissions for The Bards, Yellow Leaves and Xothic Sathlattae will be accepted, but may take a while to respond to.

And, What We Don’t Want

No solo booklets (including Buxton) at the moment, please. All other projects are currently closed.
Updates when we have them!

Beware canny goblins!

26 Aug

View From Atlantis 31 – the Goblin Market issue – is now online, and submissions are currently open for poems with a spectral theme…

And, should you want more poetry (and, who doesn’t?), a new issue of Awen is available to download.

Dragons, more dragons, and haiku!

31 Jul

A two-part celebration of dragons is now available to read on View From Atlantis with poetry from DS Davidson, Harris Coverley, and Lee Clark Zumpe, amongst others.

Submissions on the theme of Goblin Markets will be welcome for the webzine between the 1st and 15th of August. Whatever your take, whether poetry or flash fiction (or even art), I want to see it. All writers are welcome. Reprints are accepted.

More haiku has been added to the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, most recently three haiku from Jenise Cook. The site is always open for submissions of haiku (and related forms such as senryu and scifaiku), haibun, and tanka that follow the 5-7-5 pattern (5-7-5-7-7 for tanka). All writers are welcome. Reprints are accepted.

Remember, Atlantean Publishing‘s non-web magazines and anthologies reopen to submissions in September, so please do not send any submissions for them before then. Thank you.

Time for a vacation!

3 Jul

Atlantean Publishing is closed to submissions during July and August, so why not go on an amazing vacation at View From Atlantis with poetry from Harris Coverley, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Mark Hudson, DJ Tyrer, and K.A. Williams (plus a piece of flash from K.A. Williams)?

Visit the site to see when new calls for submissions are open (there’s one starting tomorrow!). Also open to submissions is 5-7-5 Haiku Journal.