The Supplement 102 is here!

26 Sep

Yes, there’s a brand-new issue of The Supplement for you to download. This issue is largely an article by AC Evans, but there are reviews, letters of comment, poems, adverts and news, plus a memorial piece for the late President Gorbachev.

Partial Reopening

1 Sep

Atlantean Publishing is reopening to submissions for a few publications only.

We now open to submissions for the Hallowe’en poetry booklet (horror poetry, mention of the festival is optional, closes at the end of September), Bard, and this month’s Supplement (so you have two months to send your articles, reviews, adverts, and letters of comment).

View From Atlantis and The 5-7-5 Haiku Journal are open as usual.

All other publications currently remain closed to submissions.

Awen 117 is here!

23 Aug

The new issue of Awen is now available to download.

This issue includes fiction from Neil K. Henderson, and poetry from Ed Chaberek, Stephanie Dewitt, Arthur C. Ford Sr., Jane Hutto, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Celine Rose Mariotti, Ute Margaret Saine, DJ Tyrer, and Duane Vorhees.

Enter The Moss Garden!

18 Aug

The Moss Garden by David Norris-Kay, a sublime tale of yearning, identity, loss and discovery, which has previously appeared in Monomyth, is now available as a booklet of its own with a wonderful photograph by the author on the cover.

The booklet is available for £3 in the UK and £4 elsewhere. See Ordering and Prices for details (the 3-for-2 booklet offer applies).

Closed to submissions

6 Jul
The press is CLOSED to submissions during July and August. (This doesn’t affect View From Atlantis – check its guidelines for open themes – or the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal.)
When the reopens, you have until the end of September to submit poems for the Hallowe’en poetry booklet.

Passing 200!

23 Jun

Bard has passed 200 issues (currently 201, with 202 expected soon). Quite an achievement for the little broadside. Issue 200 has cover art from DJ Tyrer, and poetry from Aeronwy Dafies,  DS Davidson, Donna McCabe, Margaret Saine, Jane Stuart, DJ Tyrer, and Joyce Walker.

Awen 116 is here!

17 May

Issue 116 of Awen is now available to download here and includes a piece of prose from LindaAnn LoSchiavo, and poetry from Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Ray Greenblatt, Celine Rose Mariotti, Phaeous, Sally Plumb, Andy Robson, SchiZ, Robin Shukla, Jane Stuart, Jay Sturner, Geoffrey Taylor, DJ Tyrer, and Duane Vorhees.

April Online

29 Apr

This month has seen several haiku, plus a tanka, added to the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, starting with an April Fool’s Haiku from Aeronwy Dafies. Other contributors, this month, include DS Davidson, David Edwards, Mark Hudson, Ute Margaret Saine, and editor DJ Tyrer. Submissions to the site are always open.

View From Atlantis, which now has forty-seven issues, saw two excellent issues revealed on View From Atlantis in April with the themes of Zombie! – which does what the exclamation says – and Space Scum, featuring all manner of criminals and ne’er-do-wells in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Submissions on the theme of New Worlds are about to close, but Prophecies will open to submissions during May, and more themes will be announced shortly.

The Supplement at 100!

24 Mar

The one-hundredth issue of The Supplement is now available to download, full of the usual adverts and articles and letters of comment! Submissions are sought for the next issue.

Latest News!

21 Feb

New Releases

A new issue of Awen is available to download and issue 200 – yes, 200! – of Bard is available to order.

Open to Submissions

Submissions are open for Awen, Bard, Monomyth, and The Supplement. You can find more information by reading the guidelines, but please note the following:

  • Shorter poems suitable for Bard are especially needed.
  • If submitting to Monomyth, please send stories between about 2000 and 4000 words – we have a lot of longer stories in the inbox, of which we can probably only include one or maybe two in an issue, so please do not add to the glut!

The only non-magazine open calls currently planned for this year will be Hallowe’en horror poetry, the Dark Tower series, and the broadsides (The Bards, Xmas Bards, Xothic Sathlattae, Yellow Leaves). All other themed calls are currently closed. Old themes may reopen and new ones will be announced at some point.

We are not currently open to solo-author/solo-poet booklet submissions (there are some in the backlog and no immediate slots, so it may be a while.) Please do not send any mss.

Art (especially pieces suitable for Bard covers) is sought, but is best submitted via post at the moment.

Submissions to View From Atlantis are is open as usual during submission periods and The 5-7-5 Haiku Journal is always open to submissions.