Time for a vacation!

3 Jul

Atlantean Publishing is closed to submissions during July and August, so why not go on an amazing vacation at View From Atlantis with poetry from Harris Coverley, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Mark Hudson, DJ Tyrer, and K.A. Williams (plus a piece of flash from K.A. Williams)?

Visit the site to see when new calls for submissions are open (there’s one starting tomorrow!). Also open to submissions is 5-7-5 Haiku Journal.

Poetry Review: Heaven

7 Jun

By Duane Vorhees
Hog Press, 978-1941892466, 164 pp
Available in paperback and on the Kindle

Although I haven’t counted them, there must be around 160 poems in this collection, and, as Duane ventures into a variety of lengths and styles, there is likely to be plenty here to please your poetical palate, no matter where your particular tastes fall. It is a collection that dances with deft steps through spirituality, the beauty of nature, and even that of the seemingly-humdrum, everyday world, rendering it all into poems that beguile with their simplicity or entertain with their playfulness, as he tries on different styles, before casting them off in favour of yet another form.

Personally, it was the shorter poems that really caught my attention, where Duane draws a sharp image or striking idea with a minimum of words. Ones that particular stood out for me included Spider Is Poet, which defines the collection by portraying poetry as a web that entraps the mind, the cosmic baptism of Elemental Sanctification, the haiku Riding the Seoul Metro, which paints a vivid image in so few words, the sweetly-observant Dog, and the misleadingly-titled Safe.

Of the longer poems, my favourites were Song of Autumn, a love song to a season, and the beautiful Sunshower, although I can say that there were no poems in this collection that failed to entertain or stimulate my mind’s eye.

If you have encountered Duane’s poetry before, I am certain you will want to investigate this collection without any endorsement from me, but if you are unfamiliar with his work, this would be a good place to start, as it showcases his breadth of ability and depth of insight. Highly recommended.

Martians and Haiku…

5 Jun

The print press may have been quiet this year, but Atlantean Publishing’s digital presence continues apace.


A new issue of A View From Atlantis is now online. The Mars issue includes poems from Harris Coverley, Cardinal Cox, DS Davidson, David Edwards, DJ Tyrer, and K.A. Williams.

Submissions to the next issue open shortly for two weeks and anyone and everyone is welcome to send a submission (or several) along. Although previous contributors continue to be welcome, it would be great to see more new names on there!


Also online is Atlantean’s new webzine, the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal. It opened with a couple of haiku from Harris Coverley, a sequence from Joseph Bouthiette, Jr., tanka from Harris Coverley and DJ Tyrer, and a haiku from DS Davidson.

The site will publish irregularly, as and when there are submissions, and everyone is welcome to submit. Haiku should be in the 5-7-5 (or 7-5-7) syllable format and tanka should be 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. Haibun and haiku or tanka sequences are welcome. All topics are welcome, including genre.

The Feathertale Review Reviewed

20 May

Before I begin telling you about issue 25 of this Canadian magazine, I must admit to having a horse in the race as my poem, Magnetic, appears on page 129 and, naturally, I would like you all to grab copies and read it.

The Feathertale Review issue 25 begins with a editorial discussion of whether this is actually the 25th issue or the 27th (clearly, they took inspiration from the same playbook that I did with early Monomyth…), before moving onto the real meat (or, for vegetarian readers, the veg) of the issue, which consists of a zany mix of poetry, fiction, and comics.

First comes a public service announcement/rant from Jacob Pacey which sets the tone for the issue (if you regard pee and COVID as unfit topics for a prose poem, this may not be the magazine for you). At over 150 pages, it’s a chunky little zine with great variety. Amongst my favourite pieces were The Managers by Jess Taylor, a tale of a dreary future of plastoblock buildings and isolated management, a dystopia of malaise, Superhost by Laura Clarke, a story of sex, relationships, self-loathing, and the desire for intimacy, plus the cartoon How to avoid unwanted small talk. I also really liked the comics Strange Times by Charlit, in which the narrator’s teen self is summoned to the present during lockdown, and The Most Adventurous Man in the World by Erin Clark, in which Han proves a little less adventurous than he claims, but to his benefit nonetheless.

The issue finishes with the fun poem A Field Study by Mitchell Gunn about a literary beast that “ate Darwin for breakfast / alongside Defoe and Diaz” and “At feeding times” eats “… another volume / hard-bound, anniversary edition”, much like the way this wonderful magazine devours what it receives to regurgitate something amazing.

Although it won’t be for everyone, this is a magazine that I would recommend to anyone who is seeking the strange and sublime with a little commentary on the madness of the world in which we live today. Try it.

Awen 112 is here!

15 May

Awen 112 is now available to download. The issue opens with some important advice from John Matthew Kuhn concerning the Sarcovian Invasion of 2030 and contains fiction from Matthew Wilson and poetry from Gary Beck, Ed Blundell, Margaret Boles, Bruce-Grove, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Mark Hudson, Colin Ian Jeffery, Celine Rose Mariotti, Donna McCabe, Paul Murphy, SchiZ, Howard F. Stein, DJ Tyrer, and Matthew Wilson.

Submissions are welcome for future issues – especially of flash fiction.

The Fey are here!

7 May
Issue 26 of View From Atlantis – the Fey issue – is now online with poetry from Harris Coverley, Cardinal Cox, Aeronwy Dafies, David Edwards, Akua Lezli Hope, Mark Hudson, and DJ Tyrer.
The submission window for the next issue opens on 22nd May 2021.

Hallowed Be Thy Gun…

4 May

A little over three years ago, Atlantean Publishing released a booklet of Gary Beck’s Hallowed Be Thy Gun, a poem charting the history of the USA through its wars. If you haven’t read it, you will delighted to learn that you can now download a PDF scan of the booklet (it is at the very bottom of the page).

Also available for download, besides many issues of Awen and The Supplement, are two Garbaj Presents… pamphlets and two prose ebooks (one of which is an ebook exclusive, not available in print). And, they’re all free!

So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Another new View!

18 Apr

Hot on the heels of the Cosmic Horrors issue of View From Atlantis, here comes the Cosmic Joke issue, with an irreverent look at the bleak horror that is the universe. Things aren’t any better, but at least we can laugh at it!

A new call for submissions is about to open (and, if you happen to be reading this at some future date when issue 26 is but a back issue, don’t worry, there is a call for submissions and a new issue of View From Atlantis approximately every month, so just hop over to the guidelines and see what we’re seeking now!).

A new View and a new project

13 Apr

View From Atlantis

Cosmic Horrors is the theme of the 24th issue, online now.

A companion issue, Cosmic Joke, will be added later in the month.

5-7-5 Haiku Journal

This is a new webzine dedicated to haiku in the ‘classic’ 5-7-5 format. It will also be taking haibun, haiku sequences, and tanka. The site is still ‘rough-and-ready’ with just the guidelines up, but that will be changing once it is ready to launch with content. Submissions are welcome now. Visit the site for more details.

Publisher News

12 Apr

Genre: Urban Arts

Site: GenreUrbanArts.com

Submit: https://genreurbanarts.submittable.com/submit

About us: https://genreurbanarts.com/mission

Shop: https://genreurbanarts.com/store

Genre: Urban Arts (GUA) Is A Platform Where Artists Can Become Published Digitally & In Print. We Also Provide Exhibiting & Performing Opportunities For Visual & Performance Artists Via Pop-Up Galleries Across The US. @GenreUrbanArts #GenreUrbanArts