Awen 120

25 May

Yes, Awen has reached its 120th issue, having begun way back in the year 2000. Download the PDF now for free and enjoy fiction from Ken Poyner and Matthew Wilson, and poetry from Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Christine Despardes, Mark Hudson, Neil Leadbeater, Celine Rose Mariotti, Tina Negus, Richard Stevenson, Jane Stuart, and DJ Tyrer.

Discover the Fifth Pac-Man Ghost…

24 May

Things are still somewhat quiet at Atlantean Publishing, although a new issue of Awen is currently being proofread and should be in the post on Friday, but I am able to reveal to you the secret of the Fifth Pac-Man Ghost, as discovered by Cardinal Cox… visit the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal to discover the shocking truth!

Don’t forget – the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal is always open to submissions of the appropriate syllable count!

A new View…

18 May

The seventy-first issue of View From Atlantis is now online. What was originally intended as a fantasy theme took a detour into a post-apocalyptic future (plus a mystical trip to Mount Rushmore!), but is no worse for the deviation, I’m sure you’ll agree. And, the ‘Versus’ theme is open for a few more days – and, new themes will be announced shortly…

Away from genre poetry, new haiku continue to be added to the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, so do take a look. And, remember, submissions there are always open – just check your syllable count!

Bobcats and Billycocks

29 Apr

Bobcats and Billycocks is the new poetry collection from Emma J. Sanderson (her previous collection, The Drowningdays, remains available). Poet David Norris-Kay comments: “Well written poems with fresh perspectives. I particularly enjoyed, The age of Anonymity and Seasons, but all the work here has merit. Recommended.” The collection is a £3 booklet.

View the Milestone…

28 Apr

View From Atlantis has reached its seventieth issue! Yes, you read that correctly, seventieth! The swords and sorceries issue is now online for you to enjoy – plus sixty-nine previous issues!

The Supplement stirs…

31 Mar

Okay, yes, it’s been rather delayed. Both in the sense that issue 103 ought to have been out in November and in the sense that as a March issue it has only just made it out (in PDF form, at least) in March. But, the new issue of The Supplement is finally here and, I hope, you’ll agree with me that it was worth the wait! Download your copy from the site today!

Free Ebooks!

7 Mar

Frequent contributor to Atlantean Publishing projects, K. A. Williams, announces:

My books are included in the 14th Annual Smashwords 2023 Read an Ebook Week Sale which is March 5 – March 11. Read descriptions on my Author Pages, links below the image, if you’re interested in any of them.

KW free

K.A. Williams author link

A. Williams author link

Something’s happening… Awen!

20 Feb

Okay, so I haven’t been totally inactive this year – there have been some new poems on the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal and two new issues of View From Atlantis online – but, it has felt as if things haven’t been happening. But, that’s changed with a new issue of Awen available to download now. So, click that download and enjoy!

Update for 2023

28 Jan

If you noticed the absence of a Supplement in November, you weren’t imagining things. Unfortunately, I hadn’t received quite enough content to put an issue together and other commitments kept me from writing anything for it. On the plus side, there should now be plenty for the next issue…

As some of you may be aware, I was down with Covid over Christmas and New Year, so haven’t managed to respond to many submissions, nor get on with anything much at all, and am still suffering from the fatigue and brain fog it left behind. Although a little later than planned, there has been a new issue of View From Atlantis and I have managed to keep the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal updated fairly regularly (thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts ahead of time!).

Although things are still moving slowly, Awen should be out as scheduled in February and, hopefully, a new issue of Bard. There should also be a brand-new booklet out sometime in February or March…

Unfortunately, due to the lingering effects of the Covid and demands on my time, the press won’t be reopening to submissions in February. An announcement will be made when the press is ready to reopen. (View From Atlantis and the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal remain open to submissions as usual, and you’re welcome to send letters of comment, news, adverts and any time-sensitive submissions for The Supplement.)

It’s (nearly) Christmas!

20 Dec

In the run-up to Christmas, new posts will appear on the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal each day, whilst, on View From Atlantis, it’s Krampus Night – enjoy! Haiku submissions are always welcome and a new theme for View From Atlantis opens after Christmas.