Postal Rises and the Small Presses

27 Mar

Well, we finally have them, the new postal costs from the Royal Mail – and it’s not good news. Makes you wonder if it’s just a conspiracy to bring the age of letter writing to an end… It’s certainly bad news for the small presses as yet another cost lurches alarmingly upwards and bad news for any contributors who don’t have email access, which is a substantial number of Atlantean’s readership.

So, out comes pencil, paper and calculator as I try to work out exactly how much this will impact on prices and how badly it will affect the press’s viability. I’m considering contingency plans to save money such as cutting the number of Awens whilst increasing the page count and cutting back on the number of Bards that are released. A trip to the post office with variable numbers of page to get a clearer idea of how many pages will fit in each weight band is in the offing.

But, how will the wider small press fare? With all costs continuing to rise, the siren of e-publication becomes stronger and stronger, yet it is not what a lot of readers want. But, are those readers willing to pay the price of sticking with print? I would hate to see the small presses wither, but, ultimately, it all comes down to you, the readership… So, if you want to see the small presses continue to thrive, please bite the bullet and subscribe to what you can and send in your letters of comment so that we editors know that what we are doing is appreciated.

Perhaps readers living in proximity could combine their submissions and orders to cut down on postal costs? There might also be alternative distribution models that can be looked into – suggestions gratefully received!


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