Last Post For The Small Presses?

2 Jun

Well, it seems that the postage rise has already claimed its first victim – Earth Love, one of the best poetry ‘zines out there and one that was doing a great deal for charity (£2728.40 split amongst 76 different nature charities). In their case, it wasn’t just the rising cost of postage, but that of keeping a PO Box; and rising costs at Microsoft Office Live forced a website relocation, too (does Microsoft host websites any more, everyone seems to be abandoning them…)

Of course, Earth Love was in a slightly different position to most small magazines – whereas most editors are just attempting to break even or not make too great a loss, Earth Love existed to raise money for charity and rising costs made that less and less practical. Where another editor might hike prices a little or cut page count to try and stem the loss a little, Tracy Patrick faced a substantial drop in profit and couldn’t really go on (although an ‘farewell anthology’ is in the works, check out the link above).

Although Atlantean Publishing hasn’t been too badly affected yet (between stockpiling stamps and making changes to the magazines to maximise cost-effectiveness, we won’t feel the worst for a while), I have noticed a distinct drop in postal submissions and I know that other ‘zines are suffering, too. I don’t think this is quite the end for paper-based little ‘zines (if nothing else, I will struggle on until there are no readers left, even if the number of publications drops to one or two a year!), but times are hard and we all need to do our best to keep them going.

I don’t know what the future holds, but it seems a little less bright than it did a year or two ago for the small presses…


One Response to “Last Post For The Small Presses?”

  1. mypenandme June 4, 2012 at 3:30 am #

    That’s very sad news. I’m happy that you’re able to stay afloat. 🙂

    Best regards,
    Mary Ann

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