A Helping Hand

20 Sep

I mentioned in my last post that it is useful to have someone else take on aspects of your writing work, such as typing up longhand notes, if you find that you are unable to do so. Interestingly, I then happened to read John Brantingham’s interview with Lorna and Larry Collins, in which Larry describes how Lorna took over the effort of promoting his work. Whilst we are not all so lucky to have a spouse willing to devote themselves to our writing careers like that, it’s a great example of how finding a helping hand can do wonders for your writing career. (Just as, previously, I’ve mentioned the importance of a second pair of eyes.)

Even a relatively minor bit of help can make the difference between success and becoming mired in distractions; even a spouse willing to give you a night off from whatever household chores you are responsible once a week can do wonders for your writing. If you can find someone willing to help out with aspects such as typing, physically posting your work off, or even being delegated the entire process of submitting, it can help transform your publishable output from once-in-a-while to a regular source of, if not income, at least satisfaction. A helping hand is certainly to be treasured!


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