Mumford & Sons

27 Sep

The name Mumford & Sons seemed to be mentioned quite a bit recently, although without any context beyond them being a band; vaguely intriguing, but not enough to really grab my attention. Then I caught them on the tailend of the iTunes Festival 2012 and heard their song I Will Wait. It turns out that they are a folk rock band, although, on the strength of that single performance, I was not particularly impressed…

But, being a fan of folk music, I was intrigued enough to give them a second chance and discovered that Little Lion Man is a song worth listening to, and I Will Wait is their worst offering. However, their songs are, otherwise, neither particularly good nor bad. A shame as they could probably be much greater.

It is strange that mediocre folk bands can do so astoundingly well, whilst much better bands are overlooked by the mainstream. I suppose that this is a blessing in disguise, as it does mean that folk music is kept free from the commercialism that is drowning so much modern music in mediocrity, but it is a shame that the public are denied great music.

If folk music intrigues you, it is well worth looking past the stereotypes and mediocre mainstream offerings for the vibrant world of folk music that exists out there.


One Response to “Mumford & Sons”

  1. Velvet Android October 4, 2012 at 11:34 pm #

    Amused to learn that you’ve only just discovered Mumford & Sons – admittedly, it took me a good while to actually hear any of their stuff consciously too, but I have to agree that it’s baffling why they’re SO enormously huge right now. Heard I Will Wait (the brand new single) earlier for the first time and does seem merely average to me, though like you say one or two of their earlier songs have been undeniably catchy. Their second album went straight in at Number One last week with the highest weekly sale of the year; what is more surprising is that it’s also flown straight to the top of the American charts too with comfortably the biggest single-week sale of any album this year there too…!

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