Asking All The Wrong Questions

12 Nov

Who Could That Be At This Hour? is the first volume in the new, four-part series from Lemony Snicket called All The Wrong Questions, a prequel of sorts to A Series of Unfortunate Events in which we join the young Lemony as he starts his apprenticeship for a secret organisation investigating a theft that never occurred in a town by a sea that is no longer beside it, all the while attempting to contact his co-conspirator in an investigation of his own. The title of the series is very much the theme of this book, as Lemony keeps asking the wrong questions, never managing to quite grasp what is important until it’s too late.

The story is broadly similar to A Series of Unfortunate Events so will, naturally, appeal to fans of that series. However, no knowledge of that series is required to enjoy it. The story is a mystery with plenty of wit, humour and action along the way, which will keep you guessing about what it all means (and never really answer the question – perfect both for those who enjoy pondering possibilities and those who find that they can never quite follow the nuances of such plots, although a nightmare for anyone who likes their books to end with everything neatly explained and resolved at the end). The language is clear enough that children will have no trouble with it, whilst adult readers will not feel as if it has been dumbed down.

I was addicted to Who Could That Be At This Hour? from the moment that I started reading it, as enthralled by Lemony’s writing and plot here as I had been with the earlier series. If you love reading, you should read this book, it’s that simple. Highly recommended.


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