More Aurora

18 Feb

Having read the first four Aurora Teagarden mysteries, I wasted no time in seeking out the other half of the series. Unfortunately, despite having purchased the first omnibus for just £1.50 and it being reasonably price on, the second omnibus was, shall we say, ridiculously overpriced (we’re talking hundreds for the hardcover and over £40 for the softcover – although the kindle version is cheap). So, I resolved to buy the books separately, achievable at a low price for the next three (the final book not yet being available via

My general comments from the previous review remain the same – Charlaine Harris has maintained the high quality of the series through its second half. Once again, people change over time, events have a lasting impact and the world that Aurora, Roe, inhabits seems real.

In Dead Over Heals a dead body literally lands in Roe’s garden amidst a series of killings that seem to implicate her. Inevitably, this is a series, after all, she clears her name, but only after a shocking series of twists and turns.

In A Fool And His Honey, Roe finds herself caught up in a family intrigue, unable to know who to trust, leading to a terrible and unexpected twist that changes everything for her.

Left devastated after the events of the previous novel, Roe has been slowly rebuilding her life, but it seems that the past will be dredged up again, in Last Scene Alive, when Holywood invades her hometown to make a film of the events chronicled in the first novel in the series, Real Murders. As if that weren’t bad enough, Roe once more finds herself caught up in murder and intrigue, as well as discovering the dark secret of another character in yet another surprising yet surprisingly-plausible twist to the series.

Once again, I cannot recommend the series highly enough! if you have any interest in murder mystery fiction, then try these books. But, given the way in which the series evolves over time, I would strongly suggest that you start with Real Murders and work your way through them in order.


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