We are currently open to submissions. Some additional notes on our current needs (and what isn’t wanted) can be found here.

Backlog: We have cleared the backlog from 2017 and earlier. If you submitted something in 2017 or earlier and haven’t heard from us, it has been rejected. Most submissions from 2018 have been replied to, but there are a few left which we will be responding to shortly. Postal submissions are currently up-to-date.

Atlantean Publishing is open to submissions between February and June and September and November. Only news and letters of comment may be submitted when the press is closed.

View For Atlantis has its own open calls – see the site’s guidelines for when it is open and what the theme is.

5-7-5 Haiku Journal is open all year round – see the site’s guidelines for more information.

Reminders, updates and discussions about Open Calls can be found on the Facebook page.

Who Can Submit?

Anyone can submit to our publications.

We don’t care whether you’ve been published before, which country you live in, what your age, race or sexuality may be, whether English is your first language, what your politics are, if you have a criminal record or are in jail, or anything else. All we’re interested in is whether we like your writing. (We are perfectly happy to consider reprints, as long as you retain the rights to it, and love those sorts of writing that can’t always find a home in most magazines.)

Minors should have their parents permission to submit (and, if you don’t, that’s between you and your parents; all submissions are received in good faith).

The only time anything might be an issue is if you reside somewhere where it is difficult to post to or are in prison and have problems with receiving mail, but we will endeavour to work with you on these issues. (We are still happy to accept your work, but may not be able to send you a complimentary copy in these circumstances.)

There is no need to include a bio with your work, unless you are submitting a solo publication and you can use a pseudonym if you wish (we don’t have a formal contract, so we don’t need your real name). If for any reason you don’t wish to receive a print copy of the publication your work is in, we don’t even need your postal address (it should be possible to scan and email a copy of the relevant pages, if required).

How To Submit

By Post

Send your submission to the editorial address: 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom

Printed submissions are preferred. We will consider legible handrwitten submissions, but if we can’t read it, we won’t accept it. Please include a SAE or contact email so that we can respond to your submission. Rejected submissions will only be returned if you supply a SAE with sufficient postage.

Please include your name and address on each submission.

By Email

Send your submission to atlanteanpublishing [at] hotmail [dot]com

Poems of 50 lines or less and prose of 2000 words or less should be pasted into the body of the email. Longer submissions or those with special formatting should be attached as a document (preferably .doc, .docx or .odt; pdfs and .rtf documents can be opened, but are more awkward to work with). Artwork should be attached as a .jpg.

Please indicate the type of submission (such as art, fiction, poetry, review, article, letter of comment, etc) or open call theme in the subject line.

Unless you are submitting to View From Atlantis, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, or a digital-only project, please include your postal address so that we can send you your complimentary copy (unless you don’t want one or are happy with a pdf copy if your work is in Awen or The Supplement). Single spacing without headers or footers is preferred for email submissions.


If you cannot submit by either of these ways, please contact us via email or Facebook and we will attempt to work with you.

What To Submit

Atlantean Publishing accepts submissions of short fiction, poetry, non-fiction (articles, reviews and letters of comment), and artwork. We welcome general submissions so that we can find the best place for your work, but if submitting to an open call, please state the theme to ensure it isn’t overlooked. (If you have trouble accessing the wiki, please email for a list of current open calls – please include ‘Open Call Request’ in the subject line.)

Short Fiction

Themed submissions should generally be between 1000 and 3000 words (check the call for details). General submissions may be of any length from microfiction upto 6000 words, although submissions under 4000 words are more likely to be accepted.


Submissions should be as long as necessary – very long pieces may have to be serialised or published as booklets.


Poetry may be of any length (but check open calls for any limits).


Artwork intended for our print magazines and booklets should be black and white or capabale of being printed in black and white. Artwork submitted to View From Atlantis or other digital projects may be in colour.

Multiple Submissions

Multiple submissions are accepted, but we would prefer that you submit no more than five pieces of flash fiction, two stories and/or ten poems at a time to general submissions. You may submit as many times as you wish to an open call and to as many open calls as you wish (in addition to general submissions).

You may submit multiple pieces of non-fiction under 6000 words, but please do not submit more than one longer piece at a time.

Simultaneous Submissions

We would prefer it if you didn’t submit simultaneously, but if you do, please alert as soon as it is accepted elsewhere.


Reprints are welcome as long as you retain the rights to your work and are not bound by an exclusivity agreement. Please include a note on when and where the piece was published.


You can withdraw your work at any point prior to acceptance. Accepted work can be withdrawn upto a month before the planned publication date – but please do so only if absolutely necessary.

Rights and Payment


We do not issue a contract as the sole legal agreement is for one-time non-exclusive publication rights agreed upon your acknowledgement of our acceptance. No additional rights are transferred (but please read the following points for clarity).


Copyright remains with the author at all times. (You must own the rights to the piece you are submitting or have permission to submit it on behalf of the author/artist.)

You must have obtained permission for any quotations not covered by fair use or parodic use, unless they are out of copyright. All submissions are accepted in good faith and we cannot accept any liability for breaches of contract or copyright, although we will do our utmost to make good any such breaches by removing work where possible.

Atlantean Publishing acquires one-time non-exclusive publication rights. This means we can publish your work in the agreed publication only and can keep it available in print or online indefinitely, while you may freely submit the work elsewhere as a reprint. If we want to republish your work, we have to obtain your permission to do so (or you must have told us we may).

But, remember that unpublished work submitted to us will be regarded as licensing First British Serial Rights (and/or First Electronic Serial Rights if published in electronic form) and that some publishers will regard the piece as having licensed First International Serial Rights as we have readers around the world: this will mean that future publication will be as a reprint.

Atlantean Publishing has copyright to the publication as a whole, but this doesn’t affect your right to republish the work and you may reproduce elements of the publication, for example the cover, for reasonable publicity purposes.


We prefer that work isn’t published elsewhere between acceptance and publication and where possible, as a courtesy, would ask that it isn’t republished elsewhere for six months. But, these are purely requests and you will not be penalised if if is (and, we’ll be cheering if it’s in a year’s best anthology or the Rhysling Awards booklet!). Just remember that, if we have accepted your work and somewhere else publishes it before we do and you have agreed a period of exclusivity with them you must tell us to avoid a breach of your agreement (your work will likely be held until a later issue, unless you actually withdraw it).


Print Publications

Contributors are entitled to a copy of the magazine or booklet their work appears in as payment. (In the case of Awen and The Supplement, contributors may request a print copy if they wish, or may just download the pdf if preferred.)

Authors of solo-booklets will receive ten copies of the booklet in payment and contributors to any of our solo-broadside series (The Bards, Yellow Leaves, Xothic Sathlattae or Xmas Bards) will receive thirty copies of the broadside in payment.

You do not have to receive your copy/ies if you don’t wish to.

Digital-only Publications

Contributors to View From Atlantis, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, and any webzine-only or pdf-only releases will not receive any payment – the publication will be free for them to view or download. Where a publication is available in both print and digital formats, they are entitled to a print copy if they so request.

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