Your Data


We only use your data for the specific reasons you have contacted the press (to submit or to make an order) and for nothing else. We don’t send spam out and we don’t sell names to third parties. Nor do we pass on your details to third parties for other reasons (if someone wants to contact you, we will email you with their contact details). The only time we would pass on your details would be if we there was a legal necessity to do so.

Obviously, if we accept a submission or you send an order via email we will retain your email until after it has been published/the order has been sent in case we need to contact you and will usually retain it indefinitely in case you have any queries. Obviously, we retain details of PayPal payments for our reference. Other emails may be archived for future reference. If you want your emails deleted, please contact us at the editorial address with REMOVE EMAIL in the subject line.

Other Electronic Data

We do not keep an electronic database. Email or postal addresses associated with an electronic submission may be briefly stored on a computer until the issue has been released, but will then be deleted.

Paper Records

We store submissions until they are published, after which they are recycled. Rejected submissions are either returned to the sender (if a SASE is enclosed) or recycled. We maintain paper-based records of subscribers. As per our electronic database, this is solely for our own use and is not shared (again, legal necessity would be the sole exception).


There may be cookies on this site. Electronic cookies, not the sort that are nice to eat.These are managed by Word Press and have nothing to do with us, so  please check their privacy policy if you have any concerns.

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