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Happy Hallowe’en & The Horrors of War

31 Oct

It’s that time of year when we release our Hallowe’en Horror and Great War poetry booklets – and here they are…

Witching Hour contains poetry with scary and spooky themes from Cardinal Cox, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Denny E. Marshall, Matthew Wilson, and others.

Great War: The End All Wars? is the fifth and final volume in the series commemorating the centenary of World War I and contains poetry by Aeronwy Dafies, Andrew Darlington, Donna McCabe, and others.

Both booklets have cover art by Christopher Catt James and are £1.50 each in the UK (£3 overseas); they are part of the 3-for-2 offer, so you could order both and get a third £1.50 booklet for free. They can be ordered via post by sending a cheque payable to DJ Tyrer to the editorial address or by paying in pounds or their dollar equivalent to https://www.paypal.me/DJTyrer (please also email with the details of your order).


A New View

28 Sep

View From Atlantis is the new webzine from Atlantean Publishing, launching in October as a successor to Awen Online. While primarily focused upon genre poetry, it will also be open to general and literary poetry, as well as prose.

The first issue will be online in early October and submissions will be welcome for issue two between the 1st and 14th of October, which will be posted around Hallowe’en and seeks submissions with a loose Hallowe’en and Horror theme. Future themes will be announced later in the year.

Full submissions guidelines can be found on the site.

Submission final calls

12 Sep
The following close to submissions at the end of September:
Great War – poetry and fiction inspired by World War I (particularly the events of 1918). Prose should be under 4000 words and ideally under 2000 words. Poems any length.
Horror Poems for Hallowe’n – These can be dark, scary or comic horror. (They don’t have to reference Hallowe’en.) Any length.
Lunar Module – Poetry inspired by the 1969 moon landings, the space race and moonlandings in general. Any length.
Christmas Chillers – Festive horror fiction. Ideally between 1000 and 3000 words with an upper limit of 5000 words.
And, while it’s open on a rolling basis, I would love to receive some more Dark Tower poems (any length) so that I can release another volume.
In addition, submissions for entires in The Bards, Xothic Sathlattae and Yellow Leaves solo-poet broadside series are sought.
Full details on these and of other open themes can be found here.

Infernal Poetry

14 Aug

Two new poetry chapbooks will be released by Atlantean Publishing very shortly.

Infernal Stars is a chapbook of poems inspired by the worlds and words of Clark Ashton Smith, featuring poems by Sheika A., Norbert Gora, Frederick J. Mayer, DJ Tyrer, and Lee Clark Zumpe. £1.50 (UK) / £3 (overseas)

The title is derived from an unfinished novel by Smith, titled Infernal Star.

Ivory and Rose Leaves is a selection of decadent, aesthetic and symbolist verse, featuring poems by Sheikha A., Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Clive Donovan, Frans Jozef Goossens, Mark Hudson, John Light, Robert William Schmigelsky, DJ Tyrer, and Lee Clark Zumpe. It also includes a translation by DJ Tyrer of one of Baudelaire’s poems. £3 (UK) / £6 (overseas)

Three-for-two offer applies to all booklets.

Payments can be made via https://www.paypal.me/DJTyrer or UK sterling cheque to the Atlantean Publishing editorial address (payable to DJ Tyrer).

Awen is 100 issues young!

20 May

Yes, it’s true – Awen has reached its hundredth issue! You can download a pdf copy for free from the issues page, along with several earlier issues.

This issue includes:

Fiction by SchiZ, DJ Tyrer, Jenn Weiss, and Lee Clark Zumpe,

Poetry by Nick Armbrister, H.G. Carter, Marc Carver, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Emma Doughty,  Diane R. Duff, Walter Durk, Rik Hunik, Keith Murdoch, Paul Murphy, Gordon Scapens, SchiZ, Megan Sherman, and Neil Wilgus.

It’s Christmas…

17 Dec

Well, okay, not quite, but I probably won’t be online then!

As happens every year, Atlantean Publishing has two Christmas releases out – Xmas Bards 7 and Christmas Chillers V.

Xmas Bards 7 – The Happy Snowman

The seventh annual Xmas Bard is a collection of six haiku, a tanka and five other poems (including the titular one) by DJ Tyrer.

Like all our broadsides (The Bards, Xmas Bards, Xothic Sathlattae and Yellow Leaves) it is available for 10p + 50p postage (or a second class stamp) in the UK. The postage covers upto five broadsides at 10p each. If you order five or fewer copies alongside a booklet or magazine, there is no postage charge.

Overseas the cost is 20c + $2 postage for one copy, $3 postage for two or three, $4 for four to seven copies and $5 postage for eight to eleven copies (email atlanteanpublishing@hotmail.com if you want to order more). If you order a single copy alongside a booklet or magazine, there is no postage charge.

Christmas Chillers V

The fifth annual volume of Christmas Chillers contains three spooky festive tales by DS Davidson, DJ Tyrer and Matthew Wilson. As ever it has an evocative cover by Christopher Catt James

  • Whatever Happened to Santa Claus? sees a quest to restore the Christmas magic go terribly wrong.
  • Murders on Christmas Eve gives us just that as a store Santa finally flips.
  • Christmas Morning sees a visit by Santa to a would-be occultist, who discovers the jolly fat man isn’t a man at all.

All volumes of Christmas Chillers can be ordered for £3 (UK) or £6 (overseas) each and the 3-for-2 booklet offer applies.

How to pay

Purchases can be made by stirling cheque (payable to DJ Tyrer) or cash to the editorial address, or via PayPal.

Channel That Festive Spirit

We release a volume of Christmas Chillers every year and welcome submissions of dark or horrific Christmas-themed tales. We don’t mind a little humour, but the overall tone should be dark. Email your submission to us no later than September 2018 and you’ll hear during October if it’s been accepted for inclusion.

Hallowed Be Thy Gun

7 Dec

I couldn’t ignore the call to arms

when my neighbours grabbed their muskets

and rushed to the village green

Hallowed Cover

Hallowed Be Thy Gun is the new poetry booklet from Gary Beck and recounts the history of the USA through its wars and military adventures.

It is available for £3 (UK) / £6 (overseas) from the editorial address. You can also pay via https://www.paypal.me/DJTyrer (please also email with details of your order). The 3-for-2 booklet offer applies to all booklets.