About Atlantean Publishing

Atlantean Publishing is a British small press that has been running for fifteen years under the editorship of DJ Tyrer. Unless otherwise stated, all entries on this blog are by DJ Tyrer.

This blog is divided into three main categories – Press Clippings, about Atlantean Publishing itself and the small presses in general, Review Supplemental, consisting of reviews and articles by DJ Tyrer, and Writing Tips, containing articles about writing and being published. Guest Slots is a special category containing contributions by other writers.

For more information about the press, visit the Atlantean Publishing wiki.

Please note: Calls for submissions and advertisements for products from other publishers are hosted as a courtesy only and while we endeavour to ensure they are genuine and responsible, we cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of the publishers. Comments about issues that may be relevant to other users are acceptable as long as they are polite and informative. If you encounter serious misbehaviour, please let us know so we can remove the post.


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